Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Royal Wedding Decoration


Stan 4 May 2011 at 09:15  

Those Brits. They sure do get into the royal thing.

May 4 May 2011 at 17:44  

That's so festive!! Did you witness the celebration?

Tamar SB 4 May 2011 at 17:51  

This is great - love the perspective and patriotism!


Jennifer Bowen 5 May 2011 at 08:44  

What a great shot! Excellent composition and perspective. I guess they went all out to celebrate the Royal Wedding. Very appropriate, indeed! =)

Travel-PB 5 May 2011 at 09:51  

The wedding day was a national holiday in UK.
Unfortunately (or should I say luckily) I just missed the event.

I hear it was a madhouse... both in a good and in a bad way at the same time.

Unknown 5 May 2011 at 13:29  

Wow. Nice decorating for such a special event!

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