Monday, 23 May 2011

English Breakfast - The Organic Way

When visiting a country I always make an effort to try some local food. Although one can find excellent representatives of almost any cuisine in London, I do not have a very good opinion on typical British cuisine.

When someone mentions English cuisine I think of fish and chips, jacket potato and English breakfast. I am sure there are other dishes I have not tried yet, but I have to leave something for my next visit.

During my last visit I followed a tip from a friend living in London and was pleasantly surprised. We visited Surrey Docks City Farm and tasted some delicious stuff.

First I have to point out this is an organic farm and yes, it is in situated near the city center, by the river Thames. For me it was a surprise to find a real farm with pigs, cows, ducks, goats, sheep and who knows what else so close to central London.

It was quite a contrast looking at all those animals, smelling the air full of various odours you would expect to find on a farm and seeing London city skyscrapers on the other bank of the river rising high in the air.

Everything we tried was delicious and was obviously made from organic ingredients. I have had English breakfasts before, but was not impressed. At Surrey Docks City Farm it was delicious, the portions were quite generous and prices were really affordable.
I had fresh mint tea, others had some coffee and everything was delicious. I saw some maps of Italy hanging on the walls, so I suspect there might be some kind of connection between the good food, proper coffee and Italy.


Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger 23 May 2011 at 10:30  

It's hard to define typical English food. The fry-up for breakfast including eggs, bacon, baked beans, tomato and sausage is a good one. We do eat lots of potatoes too. Have you tried scones? They are big in England.

Duncan In Kuantan

Travel-PB 23 May 2011 at 13:03  

I haven't even heard of scones before, not to mention trying them... I'll ask uncle Google about it. ;)

Maybe I'll try this next time I am in UK.

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