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Friday 27 September 2013

Climbing Košutnikov turn

Mountaineering has been a popular outdoor activity for centuries in this part of the world. Being partly an Alpine country, Slovenia also has many mountaineering enthusiasts.
Even though I do not see myself as one of those, I do climb a mountain every now and then.

I have already posted a report about climbing Montaž (Jôf di Montasio) a few posts ago. All those ibexes and marmots living there make it a great destination. Check out my post about it and visit it yourself if you ever get a chance.

This time we went to the Slovenian-Austrian border to climb Košutnikov turn (Koschutnikturm). It is a 2133 metres high peak in the central Karavanke mountain range. It is a popular mountaineering destination both from Slovenian and Austrian side. Due to a nice ferrata we chose to climb it from Austria.

We started our ascend from Koshutahaus mountain hut (Koča pod Košuto) and continued along the well marked path (ÖTK Steig Neu) towards the mountain. After a while trees and bushes were replaced with a large scree slope. The interesting part began from there on.

That is where the via ferrata starts. It is a very steep section which continues for a long while. Iron rungs are added in some places in addition to steel cables. We followed the ferrata by a suspended bridge, which we crossed only to get a few photos.

Even with many photo stops, we made it to the top a bit earlier than those red signposts suggested we would.

Once we made it to the top, there were Alpine choughs already waiting for us. From the top there is an interesting view of green slopes on the Slovenian side of the mountain in contrast to a much steeper, rocky approach from the Austrian side.

I can definitely recommend this climb but please keep in mind a helmet and a harness are a must. Since the side of the mountain is practically vertical in some sections, you should probably approach the mountain from Slovenia if you have some fear of heights (no need for all that equipment there).

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Wednesday 25 September 2013

Suspended bridge at Košutnikov turn

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Friday 11 January 2008

A crappy new year

The new year has not started all that well for me. I have not been feeling well since the New Year's Eve. There have been some good days since, but mostly I've been feeling quite crappy.

It all began on the New Year's Eve. With a small group of friends we went to a mountain cottage under the Vršič pass.

It stands at 1226 m and at this time of year we were hoping for a couple days in an idyllic mountain winter atmosphere.

When everybody was partying I was shaking with some flu-like symptoms. I didn't have much of the New Year Eve's party nor the day after. I spend it in bed while others enjoyed hiking on a beautiful and sunny first day of the new year.

So no photos for you!

I took some on the next day when we went hiking to Peč (1509 m). I was obviously feeling better then, but it lasted only for a couple of days. Then it got worse again and I haven't been fine since. Unfortunately it wasn't a simple flu and the doctor prescribed me 6 weeks of antibiotics and a week of rest.

All that aside it was a nice trip to Peč. The place is also called Tromeja, which translates into English as Triple border. It is the place of triple border among Slovenia, Italy and Austria. In clear weather it offers nice views on all sides and there is also Tromeja skiing area down the Austrian side of the mountain.

We stopped at a mountain hut on our way down. There we had a delicious venison stew with bread dumplings.

These photos are from that trip.

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