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Nowadays everyone would love to make some money from the Internet. If you have a website or a blog you are on the right way already...

The first step is to get some visitors and the next one is of course a nice page ranking. Every beginning is hard, so you will have to show some persistence. When building page ranking, a right domain name will do miracles. I suggest you invest into a .com domain name at the very beginning. This will help you get better recognition from search engines and also boost your image.

The key to larger audience is content - yes content still is king. If you provide fresh and attractive content on a regular basis, people will definitely notice you. The hard part is you will have to keep it up for a while. Use popular social networks to get the word out faster.
Someone looking to place an ad will definitely look for a serious website and a .com domain is one indicator of such a site. Besides good looks and big audience, advertisers also prefer older domains - someone looking for a long term partnership will obviously like a stable partner.

Since advertisers are quite hard to come by especially when starting your webpage or blog, you should let someone else do it for you. You can't expect much income from pay-per-click ads before you are getting at least a few thousand visitors daily. That is why Text Link Ads are perfect to begin with - find out more about this great ad network by clicking on the banner below.

I have been using Text Link Ads for a while now and the thing is looking better by the day. The start was kind of slow, but then advertisers started showing interest. I am proud to say I receive regular payment through PayPal every month.

If you haven't tried this before, I say you give them a chance and let them monetize your site for you.

However, some patience is definitely in order - you can't expect to start making big bucks in no-time. Give this thing at least a few months to have a good chance of success. During this time you should be able to figure out an ideal pricing policy for your page - yes they let you set your own prices. I think for a start it is a success to get back at least what you payed for your domain name.

You are very welcome to give feedback on how you are doing and maybe offer some valuable advice to fellow bloggers yourself.

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