Sunday 5 August 2007

Leaving for Egypt

I'll be away for two weeks - so no harassment from me for a while. We're going to Egypt! How cool (or should I say HOT) is that?

We are going with an agency. It is not really my first choice but at least it is not supposed to be a really touristy one. Anyway that's what I am hoping for.

Expect a hot and sandy photo report when we get back. I'm sure we'll have a blast and lots to share!

I wanted to include my detailed travel checklist for the 15 day Egyptian adventure, but due some technical difficulties you will have to wait for that untill we get back.

Enjoy yourself - I know I will!


Thursday 2 August 2007

More photos from the picnic

Here are another three photos from the event described in the previous post.

We were a little bit sorry not to bring our tent. The place selected for the improvised camping site was just plain great. It offered a beautiful panoramic view.

There was this path planted with trees on both sides leading 20 meters from the old house to our improvised camp site. It was a peer-like short path with steep hillsides on left-side, right-side and also on the far end (just with a lack of water).

When the night fell there was still some barbecue material left and there was no other option then to start a fire again. We went to bed with our tummies full. Extra full.

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