Sunday, 29 November 2009

Exploring the island of Cres

After spending two days in central Istria, road led us to the island of Cres in Croatia. On our way to Brestova - our ferryboat link to Porozina, we passed by Plomin. There was a tall thermal power plant chimney piercing low clouds in this narrow bay.

Not an idyllic seaside destination by my standards, but it looks kind of nice in this photo anyway.

After an uneventful, 30 minute ferry ride across to the island of Cres we spent an easy day planning our stay and settling in a small apartment in the town of Martinščica.
We have been on this island many times before, but usually just to get to it's southern neighbor - island of Lošinj.

As we have discovered, Cres offers many interesting locations that are worth visiting.

Since we were hungry, we decided to visit the fishing village of Valun and taste some fresh fish. We weren't disappointed with grilled cod and relaxed setting at the restaurant Toš Juna.

The restaurant walls are covered with replicas of ancient stone tablets (Valun tablet) the village is famous for. Tablets are believed to have served as an 11th century gravestone. Written in bilingual (Old Croatian and Latin) and digraphic (Glagolitic and Latin) writing, the tablet truly is special.


Mandy 1 December 2009 at 16:04  

I love your second photo - it makes me want to go there for a late lunch!

I learned something new today - I had not heard of the Glagolitic alphabet before. It is so pretty and curly. That tablet is such a great artefact.

Travel-PB 2 December 2009 at 09:38  

Thank you both!

This place really is perfect for a late lunch. It is actually a restaurant terrace set just a few steps away from the clear blue Adriatic sea.

It is definitely a place to be in a late summer afternoon with sun slowly beginning to set in the background.

Perth Hotels 14 January 2010 at 13:50  

The place looks so beautiful, and those stone tablets are amazing. I wonder what is written on that tablet. Thanks for sharing us Cres, I want to go there too

Anonymous,  28 August 2010 at 18:41  

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Keep up the wonderful work!

Deep India 8 August 2011 at 14:28  

Island of Cres is really worth exploring. Pics are superb as usual.

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