Friday 8 June 2007

Sleeping at a train station

I remembered this travel story when I was writing the previous post.

When someone mentions a train station, usually people get an image of a dangerous, filthy place, with graffiti sprayed walls and a bunch of suspicious characters hanging around.

Well, that isn't so even with the Ljubljana train station. I am not saying that I'd like to spend a night on one of the benches there. Not that I wouldn't feel safe or anything (I don't think much is going on there at night), but I am pretty sure that I wouldn't sleep very well. If nothing else, those benches don't look all that comfortable.

On the photo you can see a morning train stopping at Aregno Plage train station at Corsica, France. That is our tent in the front (my girlfriend is still trying to sleep - with not much effect, unfortunately).

The night before this looked like just another camping site with lots of shade under the pine trees.
We didn't even know at the time it was a train station until the rude awakening in the morning. Even then I found it quite nice. There was a sandy beach just over the railroad track.


Anonymous,  9 June 2007 at 13:44  

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I'm glad you like it - do drop by again. I'm happy to exchange links - your is already in place.

Thanks too for the photos. I went on an overland trip from Englad to Greece in 1980 and we drove through the then Yugoslavia. The whole round trip took only 3 weeks so we didn't often have time to stop. It was very frustrating! My impression of Ljubljana was of a very attractive city, but we had to be off on our way to Zagreb so I only saw it out of the window. Some day I will have to go back and see it properly...

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