Wednesday 27 June 2007

The bunny saga continues

It has been some time since I have posted about the bunny nursery project (actually it was just two posts back). I think the only right thing to do is to finally share some info on the subject.

Every day since my post the little orphan bunnies had a couple meals of goat milk. We didn't know this until recently, but the only two appropriate kinds of milk for little bunnies are supposed to be goat and cat milk. It has been purely by chance that we have used goat milk. Lucky little bunnies!

Well to be precise, only some of the lot. As you probably suspect by now, I have to tell you that not all of them made it. That's life.
After five days or so, four of them just stopped moving. We were sad, but have been expecting something like that. Then after another couple of days another one went to bunny heaven.

That leaves us with four of the nine little bunnies. Now they also like to eat clover and have also learned to drink milk from a special container, so we don't have to hand-feed them anymore.
You can see one of the four musketeers on the photo below. Quite a change from two weeks ago, isn't it?

If someone is interested, how the star of the previous post's photo session is doing, I must tell you that it is also among the lucky ones - still very much alive and kicking. It seems that being a photo model doesn't hurt too much after all. :)

It is still not certain that these remaining four will live to grow up, but I guess their chances are better every day.


Jose 28 June 2007 at 16:33  

Seems I missed the first part of the saga, so I will have to go back and search for it. Pretty cool about the bunnies though. I hope the ones that remain make it all the way through.

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