Friday 15 June 2007

I hit the Jackpot

Or to be more precise - the Jackpot hit me!

Let me explain a bit of background first...
My girlfriend's sister has been working for the same company for ten years now. As it happens, this year has also been fifteen years since the founding of the company. So for the occasion the Big Boss decided to be generous. For the most loyal employees this meant a 4.000 EUR bonus in a form of a voucher at one of the local travel agencies. Hooray for the Big Boss!

After sharing this news with my girlfriend, her sister has decided to invite both of us on a holiday. We tried to persuade her that this is far too much and that she should let at least one of us pay for himself. She wouldn't hear anything of the sort. To be honest, we didn't try too hard. But who could blame us, right?

So as it seems, Egypt will be our destination for two weeks this August. Can you believe it? I still can't. And we didn't even buy a lottery ticket!

You can expect some really cool photos of pyramids and lots of sand in two months time. I can hardly wait!


Anonymous,  15 June 2007 at 09:45  

Lucky you. Have a great time in Egypt and please show us all the interesting/wired stuff you have seen in your trip.

Jen 15 June 2007 at 22:42  

I've always been fascinated with Egypt and now I get to visit it!

Vicariously anyway.

Bugz 16 June 2007 at 07:27  

wow, I can't wait to see the pictures from Egypt!

Anonymous,  19 June 2007 at 16:42  

That is awesome. I spent 3 weeks in Egypt about 20 years ago - it is truly a trip of a lifetime.

I adored Luxor (actually more then I like Cairo). If you get a chance to see Luxor you should - and if possible visit the village across the river from there and meet the people. I took hard candies, pens and pencils, hair things and other small things to share with the children. It was one of the most humbling, moving, wonderful, heart opening and heart breaking experiences.

DO NOT TOUCH the water in the Nile - not even with a fingertip - trust me on this! (spent 48 hours in the bathroom thinking I was going to die, and all I did was run my fingertip in the Nile while sailing).

Wish I knew how to scan photos, I'd put a few up from the trip. Can't wait to see yours!

Have FUN!!! (and be safe) Lady Rose

Travel-PB 20 June 2007 at 15:27  

Yes I guess I am lucky! :) You'll be among the first to see my photos.

@lady rose:
I'm glad you enjoyed your Egypt experience.
Luxor is also in our itinerary, but I am not sure abot details...

That's very interesting to hear about the Nile. I must say I don't quite understand it. What exacly happened with your finger? Is the water so toxic or what?

keelyn 20 June 2007 at 21:04  

Hi, Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I saw your blog before at blogexplosion :)

Keep in touch

Jose 21 June 2007 at 17:59  

Hello Marko, I have been following your blog for a while now, it seems you are going to Egypt and I will be going to Mexico City. My mom is getting old and wants to go one more time to visit relatives there, since she is from a small town the trips are very tiresome. Anyway she has invited one of my sisters and I to go with her and she will pay for the airfare. How could I say no. I left Mexico in 1973 at age 12 and have never been back so it will be sort of a reunion in a way.

About "So you think you can dance", when you grow up dancing (we love to dance) you appreciate a dance show like that. I trully think this kids are amazing dancers.

As you may or may not know I have two blogs, my Joe Cool blog and my Arizona photo blog, I will be happy to link you as I have enjoyed your blog in the past, by the way you too have a great collection of pictures.

Travel-PB 21 June 2007 at 22:24  

Thanks for the kind words.
I know both of your blogs pretty well and I must say that you made quite a progress concerning your photos on the Arizona photo blog. Way to go!

And Of course I hope you have a great time in Mexico. It is definitely on my to do list.

Anonymous,  27 June 2007 at 16:57  

Yes the water is THAT toxic!!! I was in a small sail boat and as it turn the boat tilted and the water looked so awesome I just barely ran my fingertip across the top. I even remembered to wash my hands afterwards. BUT trust me don't do it! I had been warned - but I didn't listen.

I hope you get a chance to go across the river while in Luxor to the village - get a little taste of the real Egypt (not tourist traps). I bet the temple is awesome now -- I only got to see the main temple (where there is a night time light show), when I was there they had just begun excavations of the temple on the other side of town - and I always hoped to get back to see it. Perhaps you'll get a chance to post a photo of it.

Travel-PB 27 June 2007 at 18:48  

@lady rose:
I hope that we will be avoiding all those tourist traps as much as possible.
We are going with an agency which is usually known to provide travelers with a genuine local experience. I can just hope this trip will be one of those. Keep your fingers crossed!

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