Friday, 16 March 2007

Salamander Brandy - a new Viagra?

Salamander brandy. Are you wondering who would ever want to buy it and eventually drink it? Not me! And that's for sure!
Do you believe such a thing even exists?

Well... surprise, surprise - it does exist! You can buy it in Slovenia and I haven't yet heard of any other country where you can get such a thing.
There you have it - your reason to come and visit Slovenia. ;)

For those who still don't believe me - here is a link to an article by John Morris who once visited Slovenia and obviously got a first hand experience with this thing.

Among other things the article mentions the drinks supposed aphrodisiac powers:

"A liquid Viagra?
Not quite, but a traditional medieval method of getting in touch with your deeper sexual feelings - and getting off your face in the process. The erotic charge of the drink is powerful, but tends to be indiscriminate in its target, so that anything in the natural world can become sexually attractive - trees, plants, animals or even humans."

There are quite a few such 'facts' in the mentioned artice. Do you believe any of it?


Anonymous,  16 March 2007 at 10:25  

It does look at bit... :(

However, I know that people put snake (and other animal but I can't remember right now) into liquor in China. Hmm... don't want to think about it...

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