Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Late snow

This post was supposed to be about the second part of my Saturday's trip to Italy, but it's not going to be...

Instead of that I'm posting a yesterday afternoon view from my bedroom window in Ljubljana.

The funny thing is that a couple of days ago I was looking at people sunbathing in their swimsuits and today I have been ranting over loads of no-good snow when walking to and back from work. It is true that Grado and Ljubljana are more than one hundred kilometers apart, but nevertheless...

It was snowing for the most of yesterday and until midday today. In some parts of Slovenia this resulted in more than half a meter of fresh snow. In Ljubljana luckily it was just a half of that.

It's a shame really. Last week I was just beginning to enjoy the first signs of spring. Magnolias and cherry trees were all blooming. Now they are all covered in snow, possibly even with broken branches from heavy snow.

As I am writing this post some of the snow has already melted away. It seems it will be gone as fast as it came - at least here in Ljubljana.

This will have to do for today - I have some more work to do. Also my writings about the trip to Aquileia will have to wait for the next time.


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