Monday, 12 March 2007

A day with the choir

Almost everyone in my family is in some way connected to music. Well, I am an exception. I have never played an instrument or sang in a choir (I am not counting one semester in the first grade).

That doesn't mean that I am tone deaf or that I don't like music. Not at all - I love music and can tell pretty well when someone hits a wrong note. I usually know how something should have sounded but when I try to sing it, it just doesn't come out right. So I have just stopped trying.

My girlfriend also sings in a choir. Occasionally I get to accompany her when they go to perform.
It's not a very serious choir - most of the members have joined to have a good time and because they simply enjoy singing. However that doesn't stop them from organizing many concerts.

Last Sunday they went on a trip which included a short hike near a small village of Ocizla. It lies in the western part of Slovenia, in the vicinity of Italian border and has 106 inhabitants.

Like a couple of times before I have decided to tag along.

It was a beautiful sunny day. Despite of the time of year it was warm enough to walk around in a T-shirt.

The day started with a late morning hike which was from time to time interrupted with a singing intermezzo.
On our three hour round hike we have seen two salamanders and several patches of overturned grass.
A local guy told us that wild boars living in the surrounding forest have done that.

The majority of this choir members likes to drink an occasional glass of wine or home-brewed schnapps. That was often the reason for a short stop.
One of such stops was at a local self-taught artist. Amongst other things he has painted a wall surrounding his house with various biblical motives.

It was around 2pm when we completed our hike. The locals prepared a simple yet delicious meal for us. It was a kind of a local cabbage stew.

Of course the lunch was followed by some more singing.

After that we went on a singing tour through the little village. It ended in one of the wine cellars.

It was decorated with much taste. There were old radios, irons, saws and similar things displayed on the shelves. Even a painting of the late president Tito was hanging on a wall.
We were indulged with local wine and best dried ham I have ever tasted. It has simply melted in my mouth.

After many songs were sang, many plates were cleared and many bottles were emptied, the landlord has kindly showed us to the drying room. The smell was gorgeous and there were some fifty(!) hams hanging from the ceiling.

When we were setting of, one of the singers made a good joke. He said that in the morning edition of the local newspapers we might see a front page article with the following text:
"Last night the Police have seized two kilos of heroin from a drug dealer near the Italian border and confiscated drivers licenses from 18 drunken choir members on a local road to Ocizla."

Luckily no such thing could be read in the morning newspapers and we all got home safely. It was a beautiful day.


Anonymous,  12 March 2007 at 07:47  

Eeps... the ham looked like human thighs

Travel-PB 12 March 2007 at 08:48  

Fortunately the thigh donors were just pigs.
Like it or not, that is where 'prosciutto' comes from and what it looks like. ;)

Anonymous,  13 March 2007 at 22:03  

love your blog!

Anonymous,  15 March 2007 at 15:11  

You two must have lots of fun that day...

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