Saturday, 24 February 2007

Lost shoes

Did you know there is a lost shoe database in Germany?
Rheinschuh is a database of shoes and gloves washed ashore on the river Rhein.

Have you ever thought how difficult it is to loose just one shoe? What the heck do you do with the remaining one?

I have been thinking about that more than once but then I have seen it happen. Well not actually, but I have been there when it has happened.

It was on a roadtrip to Sicily. We were just two couples in two cars and have been hitting the road for a few days. It was a hot August day and we were rolling down one of the Italian motorways somewhere near Salerno. Like many times before, we have stopped by the road to stretch and refresh ourselves.
After a while we were back on our way. It was at our next stop when I have noticed that one of my friends from the other car was wearing a pair of heavy hiking boots. Did I mention it was hot like hell?
At first she wouldn't say what was happening, but after a while she confessed.
During our previous stop, she was sitting in the car eating a sandwich. The door opened, one leg in the car and the other outside, with sneakers half off her feet.
When it was time to go, she had already shaken her sneakers off her feet - the left one inside the car, the right one outside. She just put both her feet back into the car, closed the door and off we went.

After we have heard the story, we just couldn't stop laughing. It was an unpleasant situation, but funny nonetheless. When she noticed one shoe was missing we were already hundreds of kilometers away from that spot and had no desire to go back.
In the end everything was well - those were only old sneakers anyway. The remaining one went into the first trash can and she bought herself a new (complete) pair. The event fortunately didn't spoil the rest of our vacation.

Italians unfortunately didn't have a lost & found shoe office in southern Italy where we could claim the lost sneaker. ;)

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Anonymous,  27 February 2007 at 01:14  

That's a picture of a "clear heal". Not to be messed with if you value your integrity. ;)

Travel-PB 27 February 2007 at 19:31  

So you want to say it's a perfect shoe for my blog?
Draws attention, but still - it's just an innocent shoe... ;)

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