Saturday, 10 February 2007

I'll be back

Like Arnie used to say - I'll be back (I don't say it with such a funny German accent, though). From skiing that is. I have already mentioned that I am going to the Italian Dolomites for a week in one of the previous posts.

I try to go on a skiing vacation like that every year. Besides that I often take advantage of closer skiing resorts (mostly Slovenian ones) during winter weekends. Few such weekends combined with a week in Dolomites make just enough skiing for a season. I like it but in spite of being a skiing enthusiast I could get fed up with it, if it would add up to more than 20 skiing days per season.
This winter hasn't been too generous with snow. So no fear of getting too much skiing so far.
Can't wait to start carving on those slopes with the picturesque Dolomites all around me!

My trusty old camera is of course going with me. I hope to take a bunch of nice photos. And most of all to get an overdose of skiing - hopefully without breaking anything in the process.

I'm all packed and ready to go. We are hitting the road today around noon.

Take care and check for updates in a week or so.


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