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Top 3 ice-cream places in Rome

As I have already mentioned in my previous post, choosing the best ice-cream Rome has to offer is next to impossible. There are simply too many really good choices and people also have very different tastes... and as we say in Slovenia:
One should never question the tastes of others.

Since some people would give a top rating to an ice-cream parlor simply on the basis of countless ice-cream varieties on offer, some only care about a particular variety and could not care less about anything else, it is impossible to select the best place from everyone's point of view.

When reading this article, you should keep in mind this is our subjective opinion, based on the limited number of places we visited while in Rome. In our tasting method there is also a total lack of any kind of scientific approach - we rely only on our own subjective criteria. We enjoy doing it, though. A lot.

So what are we usually looking for in an ice-cream? It is hard to put a finger on it actually... First of all it is a combination of color and consistency that lures us into one place and not the one next door. We like milky, creamy, fruity and chocolate flavours, but usually we get our first idea of a place by checking out strawberry and the darkest chocolate varieties.

When it comes to taste it has to be as natural as possible, with as little added sugar as possible. Fruity varieties (strawberry and blueberry are our favorites) usually taste better if there are some chunks of fruit still in there.

We were mostly ordering strawberry and dark chocolate varieties. So if you are not interested in those two, the below list might not be all that relevant to you. However, you can give them a try and leave your feedback later - I think everyone will appreciate that.

So without further ado, here is our list of top 3 ice-cream places in Rome:

  1. Fior di Luna - gelato e cioccolato
    They only use high quality natural ingredients and they make strawberry ice-cream to die for. You can find them in the Trastevere area on Via della Lungaretta, 96.
  2. Venchi
    This is a place with 135 years of tradition. All of their Gelato is produced using only natural ingredients and has very low fat content. Chocolate is their other specialty. They are located on via della Croce 25 (near the Spanish steps).
  3. Giolitti
    I guess this is the most popular of the three and also quite expensive. Although we liked their wast selection of gelato, we didn't like it as much at the top two places - still enough to make it to the 3rd place though. They also have a vast selection of cakes and other deserts that will be hard to ignore once you enter their store on via Uffici del Vicario, 40 (a stone's throw from the Pantheon).
Do you know these places? Do you have your own favorite ice-cream place in Rome? We would love to read your comments on the subject.


Mandy 13 June 2013 at 22:08  

Yum! I love ice cream and have one nearly every day, even in winter!! I discovered coconut ice cream in Italy and I'm hooked! Otherwise I like chocolate and mint together, or lemon sorbet alone.

Travel-PB 13 June 2013 at 23:09  

Yup, Italian ice cream is something that can easily get you hooked. ;)

I haven't tried an Italian version of coconut ice cream yet - will have to give it a chance.
Chocolate and mint also sounds interesting. However, I think mint is not all that common.
If I would have to guess I'd say you are an After Eight fan. Right?

Khoa 15 July 2013 at 12:35  

OK, I see so Fior di Luna is your number 1. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware of its existence when I was Rome. But I have bookmarked it for my next visit. You have been to so many places, that's quite enviable :)

Travel-PB 15 July 2013 at 13:11  

It is possible to see quite a bit of the city in a week. Quite a few parts of Rome still didn't make it onto our itinerary though. A perfect excuse for a next time.

My list is highly subjective, but I am pretty sure you won't be disappointed if you give them a try (I suggest strawberry and one of many chocolate varieties they offer). ;)

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