Monday, 22 October 2007

The last meal on the Nile (Day 7)

We woke up to find ourselves at a totally different place from last night. We had been sailing for quite some time that morning and have reached Luxor by that time. Our Nubian crew had already prepared a nice breakfast for us. We enjoyed our last meal on the river Nile.

On our itinerary for the day were a couple of nearby temples. First we stopped at Luxor Temple. It is quite huge and hieroglyphs on the buildings are very well preserved. We were slowly getting tired of with different kinds of temples, so after a short while we moved on to our next destination - another temple.

Our next stop was the Karnak Temple. It is even bigger then the one before. Here we also saw one of the magnificent Egyptian obelisks.

Today there are 28 known ancient Egyptian obelisks scattered across the globe. Only 8 of those are still in Egypt. Others have been moved (mostly stolen) by various countries. 11 stand in Italy, 4 in UK and the others are owned by France, Israel, Poland, Turkey and USA. Egyptian government tries to claim them back but is not very successful in doing that.

In the evening we took a walk around the city of Luxor. We tried to find the Bazaar to annoy local merchants. We got so ruthless in our haggling that on some occasions we were even thrown out of a shop. Nevertheless I am pretty much sure that we didn't always get what we wanted by local prices.


Wally Banners 22 October 2007 at 10:30  

ill say this for you man. your one ballsy mof. I tip my hat to you in every respectful way possible.

Anonymous,  23 October 2007 at 13:26  

Hahaha! That was really good of you to 'annoy' them by haggling. I really enjoy reading your Egyptian trip so far, as if I was there!

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