Friday, 28 September 2007

Egyptian uverture

I have been quite busy for the last couple of weeks. As you have probably noticed it didn't have anything to do with this blog - no posts for a while.
I will try hard to be good and post more often from now on.

I have decided to do a series of posts on my Egyptian adventure. I'll try to do at least one post for each one of the 15 days.

Here is a simple map of the trip. As you can see, we were on the move most of the time.

Some people thought I was crazy to even think about going to Egypt in August. It is the hottest time of year. It's not at all unusual for the temperatures to rise to 50 degrees Celsius and over during that time of year. So we were not really sure how will we be able to cope with all that heat.

Well, all went well in the end and we are not a bit sorry we went there in off-season.


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