Tuesday, 10 July 2007

WASBE 2007 Conference, Ireland

My brother is currently in Killarney, Ireland. He is attending a World Symphonic Bands and Ensembles Conference. So if you are in the neighbourhood from 8th to 14th of July I guess you should not miss this event.
Unfortunately I won't be able to attend.

He has been chosen to play in the WASBE International Youth Wind Orchestra as a lead tuba player. He is the only Slovenian musician to play in the orchestra this year. We're all very much proud of him.

I hope he is enjoying Ireland.

He took his camera with him, so I hope he'll share a photo or two when he comes back.
If you are interested you can visit his Tuba Blog at tuba-blogging.blogspot.com.


Jose 11 July 2007 at 19:26  

Congratulations! to your brother. It must be an honor to be chosen.

Gypsy@Work 15 July 2007 at 09:22  

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ApolloTeam 17 July 2007 at 06:30  

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