Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Bunny nursery

I don't know if there is anything cuter than young doggies, kittens, bunnies and similar little fur balls. Well this post is obviously going to be about bunnies! If you are wondering how the nursery fits into this story, you will just have to read along.

Usually I go visit my grandmother every couple of weeks. She doesn't really live on a farm, but nonetheless has a dozen chickens, five hares and a goat. That would be way too much work for me, but she seems to enjoy every minute of the work.

About two weeks ago one of the female hares has brought forth nine young ones. After a couple of days the goat followed with two, but unfortunately both of them were stillborn. Early the next day mother hare started to act weird and died later the same day leaving behind nine little bunnies.

They were still very small, with their eyes not quite opened yet and of course they also couldn't chew any food yet.
Fortunately my younger brother came up with an idea. He persuaded our grandmother to milk the goat and then he tried to feed the milk to the little bunnies. He took them in his hand one-by-one and they sucked on the improvised teat like crazy!

That wasn't so strange, because I'm sure quite some time has passed since their last meal.

After the initial success he repeated the routine for two to three times each day. After a few days they seem well. I'm glad they all lived through their first obstacle in life, but still I'm not sure all of them will make it till they learn to chew some proper food. That's because some of them are growing at a slower pace.

It is a real pleasure to see them grow on a daily basis. They really are getting bigger every day.

However things turn out, I'll try to keep you posted.


Monday, 11 June 2007

AGLOCO Viewbar finally ready for download

I have had an Agloco link on my blog for quite some time (the hot babe in the right column), but haven't published a post about it. The time seems just right to do it now.

After much anticipation Agloco finally released their Viewbar a few days ago (until now this was a missing link between signing up and starting to earn some surfing money). If you have already registered for an Agloco account, you can login and download it now. If you don’t have an Agloco account or have misplaced your login info, you can sign up here. If you don't know what I’m talking about and who or what this Aglogo thing is, read some info on the subject.
In a few words: Agloco is a service that intends to help you earn money from your regular web surfing.

These last days their site was too busy to get through — they warned this might happen. If you can’t get through to their site, just try again later (I succeeded on my third try two days ago).

I installed the Viewbar under Windows 2000, and so far it seems to be running just fine. I’m pleased with how thin it is. It stays at the bottom of the screen, just above the Windows Taskbar. I think after a few minutes of use you won't even notice it.

So far it seems to works fine with both Internet Explorer and Firefox (I haven't tried it with any other web browser).

I can't really say I have tested the Agloco Viewbar in detail, and since no one has earned anything from this it so far (it is a fresh thing really), I’m not endorsing this service. But I think it's interesting for several reasons: A) It’s free, B) it’s interesting enough to deserve your attention and C) it's zero risk trying it out for a while to see if it works.

If you think Agloco is totally not worth your attention, you may be right. But in the end, who cares if it doesn't work out? On the other hand, if it does moderately well, those who got in early will be glad they invested the negligible amount of time to sign up, download and install the Viewbar, and pass on the word to others. I won't be sorry for not trying – not this time.

To me this was an easy decision. Due to the negligible risk, one can afford to place a lot of these bets and lose most of them. If I needed to pay any money to sign-up though, I wouldn’t even think about it twice.

Consider giving Agloco a closer look if you haven’t already done so.


Friday, 8 June 2007

Sleeping at a train station

I remembered this travel story when I was writing the previous post.

When someone mentions a train station, usually people get an image of a dangerous, filthy place, with graffiti sprayed walls and a bunch of suspicious characters hanging around.

Well, that isn't so even with the Ljubljana train station. I am not saying that I'd like to spend a night on one of the benches there. Not that I wouldn't feel safe or anything (I don't think much is going on there at night), but I am pretty sure that I wouldn't sleep very well. If nothing else, those benches don't look all that comfortable.

On the photo you can see a morning train stopping at Aregno Plage train station at Corsica, France. That is our tent in the front (my girlfriend is still trying to sleep - with not much effect, unfortunately).

The night before this looked like just another camping site with lots of shade under the pine trees.
We didn't even know at the time it was a train station until the rude awakening in the morning. Even then I found it quite nice. There was a sandy beach just over the railroad track.

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