Friday, 8 June 2007

Sleeping at a train station

I remembered this travel story when I was writing the previous post.

When someone mentions a train station, usually people get an image of a dangerous, filthy place, with graffiti sprayed walls and a bunch of suspicious characters hanging around.

Well, that isn't so even with the Ljubljana train station. I am not saying that I'd like to spend a night on one of the benches there. Not that I wouldn't feel safe or anything (I don't think much is going on there at night), but I am pretty sure that I wouldn't sleep very well. If nothing else, those benches don't look all that comfortable.

On the photo you can see a morning train stopping at Aregno Plage train station at Corsica, France. That is our tent in the front (my girlfriend is still trying to sleep - with not much effect, unfortunately).

The night before this looked like just another camping site with lots of shade under the pine trees.
We didn't even know at the time it was a train station until the rude awakening in the morning. Even then I found it quite nice. There was a sandy beach just over the railroad track.


Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Home train museum

Have you ever wished you had a really huge toy train? How about a real train? Or maybe even a train museum?
Some people just don't settle for a wish. Some of us always want the real thing!

Every day, on my way to work, I pass by this ordinary looking house (you can see my trusty old bike in the bottom right corner)

I guess this one guy living there has settled for nothing less than a real thing. In front of his house he has the real tram wagon and two (2!) real-size old locomotives. All of which are museum material, so I guess he must feel like having a home train museum. I guess most people would say it's just a heap of old rusty rubbish belonging to a rubbish dump.

The amazing thing is that this house is located just five minutes (by bike) from the Ljubljana city center. You can walk right by the house and not even see the thing. Who would have a train parked in front of his house, right? There isn't even a railroad track nearby.

Let's face it - you'd never expect a locomotive in a backyard. So I'm pretty sure most of the people passing by don't even know it is there.


Saturday, 2 June 2007

Food in Belgrade

No matter where you go, you have to eat. Right? Right!
So what can one get on his plate when in Belgrade? Here are a few dishes from different restaurants around Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

Despite of the fact that Belgrade is nowhere near the Adriatic (or any other) sea, one can choose from quite a wide choice of seafood dishes. Some of the seafood restaurants are even supposed to be quite good.
These two grilled mackerels looked and tasted like they have died at least three times and even that weeks ago. Not very tasty at all...

Most of the restaurants have at least some of the traditional dishes on their menus. The most famous are pljeskavica

(a Serbian version of a hamburger), cevapcici (or ćevapčići to be specific, are made of same kind of meat as pljeskavica, but shaped differently), burek (cheese- or meat-filled pastry).
On the photo is a generous portion of cevapcici with fries. If anything, you don't need to worry about portion sizes in Serbia. Any meat dish ordered usually has at least enough meat to satisfy a hungry lumberjack. This portion was delicious.

Regardless if it is a main dish or desert you want, you can stop at one of the Pancake places. There one can choose from a variety of sweet and salty pancake dishes.
The choice of the evening was a chocolate filled pancake with walnuts and ice-cream. And it was a huge one. The salty ones looked just as good.

Considering the prices I guess everyone was satisfied with the food. Sometimes you just need to be prepared to wait a little bit longer - after all this still is the Balkans. Time does run a bit slower there. I guess when on vacation, that's just what you want. ;)

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