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Monday 1 October 2007

Flight to Egypt (Day 1)

The whole thing started at Ljubljana airport, where we caught our afternoon flight via Istanbul (Turkey) to Cairo.

On the first photo is our last glance at Slovenia for 15 days. Alps can be seen in the background.

After a couple of hours we landed in Istanbul.
I usually try not to buy things at airports. I didn't do it this time either.
My two companions (my girlfriend and her sister) on the other hand could not resist the temptation. They just had to sit down at one of many cafes and order something.

You can see from the photo what exactly it was. I'm sure you would never guess the sum on the bill. Well, what is your best guess?
5 Euros? Wrong!
10 Euros maybe? Wrong again!
It was 42 Euros! 42 Euros for a cup of coffee, a Red Bull and a bottle of juice!

Later on, I have learned that Istanbul airport is supposed to be the most expensive airport in Europe! No shit!

We still haven't fully forgotten about all that, when around midnight we landed in Cairo and went to our Hotel. Sleep was the only thing on my mind. I don't know why, but airports always tire me out completely.

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