Monday 1 September 2014

Until we meet again...

This was day 6 of our almost one month long Camino de Santiago adventure. Click on the Camino de Santiago label to see all related posts.

It was kind of funny listening to other pilgrims moan when they got out of their beds and took the first steps. That is only until I joined them a few moments later. Is this ever going to get any easier? It can not get much worse... or can it?

Like during most other mornings, after a few minutes things got better as we stretched our legs and blood started circulating again.

After a quick breakfast and some attending to painful parts of our bodies we were on our way again. This was to be our last day together as group of 7. We already knew we were going to miss the good company in the next days.

We walked together from Torres del Río to Viana, where we stopped for coffee and bocadillos. After a quite a long break we continued to Logroño where we said our goodbyes and agreed to meet again as soon as possible after the Camino.

Roberto and Jolanda went home from Logroño but agreed to continue the Camino next year. Others were happy to use an easy day in Logroño to rest and take in the city.

We would also love to do the same but got to keep going if we wanted to reach Santiago in time for our flight home. We took a walk through the centre of town and took advantage of the delicious paella they served in the main square in front of the Santa María de la Redonda Cathedral. A portion costed only 2 Euro and it came with a glass of wine. We ate 2 portions each.

As much as we would loved to, unfortunately we did not have time to stay around longer. Our destination for the day was Navarette. From Torres del Rio we walked 33 kilometres and we were already pretty late when we found a place for the night.

For the last couple of days M. had a nasty rash on her feet and she finally figured out it could be related to some kind of allergy. Never before she has noticed she was allergic to wool. Obviously her skin needed several consecutive days of exposure to wool for the allergy to manifest in a form of a nasty rash. Unfortunately all of her walking socks were made out of wool. She was really pissed off when she thought about all the effort she put into finding just the right ones during the preparation period.
To improve the situation we visited a Chinese shop with heaps of cheap stuff we never knew we needed and bought a cheap package of ordinary white cotton socks.

It was the day of the final match in the Football Champions League 2014 and since it was a match between two Spanish teams (Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid), it was a special evening for all Spanish fans.
During check-in the hospitalero at the Albergue Pigrim's stressed that because of the extreme situation the door of the albergue will stay open for at least an extra hour into the night. In Spain fútbol and fiesta are always convenient excuses for bending the rules a little bit.

Unfortunately after daily laundry was done and another couple of pilgrim menus were eaten, we were just too tired to go out and enjoy the genuine atmosphere in the main town square. I am still kicking myself for not going.

Even though the main square was quite a few streets away we felt an earthquake like tremble and roar every time something interesting happened on the court. Since Real Madrid won 4 to 1, there were obviously quite a few loud moments before the match was over. No matter how loud it got, I think I slept through the most of the second half.

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