Monday, 30 September 2013

Europe's Best Budget Stag Do Destinations

What do you mean, you’re thinking about staying local for your best mate’s stag do? Why, when you can enjoy a city break in Europe without breaking the bank? Take a look at these four awesome, budget-friendly cities that would gladly welcome your stag party for some unforgettable shenanigans!

Amsterdam, Netherlands
It continues to be a popular choice for stag weekends and it’s understandable why. Book one of the budget Amsterdam hotels from Hotels4U and you will have plenty of cash left to spend on activities and night-time frivolity. If you want a wild weekend, this is the place to have it – just make sure you know where you’re staying because the maze of canals and streets can get confusing after one too many shandies.

Edinburgh, UK
OK, so you may not be crossing any seas, but a trip to Edinburgh for a stag weekend will be filled with fun for the duration of the trip. Copious amounts of bars await you and, if you want to do something a little more active during the day (other than nursing your hangovers), the Lothians are on your doorstep.

Riga, Latvia
It’s proving to be incredibly popular of late, due to its affordable pricing – not just to get there but to also drink and eat and enjoy as well. Make sure you respect the culture and the city you’re in; even if you are on a stag do, it doesn’t mean you have to act like a numpty.

Barcelona, Spain
It’s not just for the hopeless romantics, you know. While the city is rich in culture and beauty, if all you’re interested in is the bars, you won’t be disappointed. Dos cervezas, por favor?

Ljubljana, Slovenia
This is definitely not the most common destination but it just might be the nicest. Slovenia is definitely very affordable and since Ljubljana is an university city, pubs are always full of students doing what they do best - partying hard. Locals are also known for their good English, so communication should never be an issue, no matter how many of those €2 beers you drink.

If none of these really sounds like your thing, you can always go to a clubbing mecca like Ibiza or Malia. Those are also perfect for stags as well as groups of lads on a bender. Just remember to behave!


Unknown 20 March 2014 at 06:24  

Love the shots..Nice one.

Travel-PB 21 March 2014 at 20:19  

Thanks! I am glad you like them. I definitely enjoyed drinking them all. ;)

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