Monday, 22 April 2013

Welcome, spring!

This year winter lingered around my home town in Slovenia quite a bit longer than we were used to. I guess it was due to a massive amount of snow we had. Higher temperatures with sun and quite a bit of rain in the last days took care of the last patches of snow in valleys around here.

In surrounding mountains however, a few more weeks (or even months) will have to go by for all that snow to melt - there is still meters of snow above 1.000 meters of altitude in some parts of the country.

I took a photo of these cute white flowers (snowdrops or Galanthus in Latin) behind my house a some days ago. It was just a few meters away from the place where I took a similar photo last year. They seem to grow on the same spot year after year when snow starts to melt. You can take a look at last year's snowdrops on the link. I wanted to make a comparison between the two photos - they were taken with two different cameras.

The first photo (the one on the link) was taken with my old Olympus C-5060WZ just before I replaced it with the current Nikon D7000. There is an obvious difference in the resolution of the two original photos but that is not reflected on the blog.

Please share your views and observations. Do you notice any difference between them? Is it really obvious?


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