Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Venetian pizza in Italian Dolomites

Once you see some places they are simply impossible to forget. Venice is definitely one of them.

It is strange how a small thing can trigger memories of such places. The last time this happened to me was just a few weeks ago in a skiing resort deep in Italian Dolomites.
In my case it was a "Tronchetto Pizza" listed in a menu at a cute local trattoria/pizzeria. For those of you who don't know Venice all that well - Tronchetto is an artificial island in the Venetian lagoon and often a starting point for visitors to the city.

The pizza was actually shaped like a gondola and as delicious as it should be. Unfortunately I am not sure this is evident from the above photo. I guess you will just have to take my word for it.

The pizza brought back a lot of memories also because now is the most popular time to visit the city of Venice. It is Carnival time!
It actually officially started just a few days ago. This year (2012) it is scheduled to last from 11th to 21st of February so you can still make it if you hurry up.

I have published some useful advice for first time visitors on this blog before. If you are not interested in a good advice there are also some great photos (like the one above) worth checking out.
You can take a look at When to visit Venice, a post about Traditional Venetian masks, tips on how to do a cheap photo trip to Venice or simply click on the Venice label in the right column to check out everything I posted on this topic before.

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Mandy 14 February 2012 at 23:43  

I love that photo of the masks! I am trying to plan a trip to Italy but I know so little about it. I want to either stay in a romantic cottage in the country or drive from Bologna to Sorrento.

Travel-PB 18 February 2012 at 14:45  

Thanks. You should probably check out my other posts related to Venice and see for yourself what I mean when I say it is almost impossible to take a bad photo in Venice.

Traveling around Italy is pretty easy, although traffic in southern parts can be a bit... well crazy. There is also a good train network you could use as an alternative.
I once did a roadtrip from north-eastern Italian border to Sicily and back - it was great!
If you need some advice feel free to ask. ;)

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