Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Hiking trip to Porezen, Slovenia

Last weekend I have decided to go for a hike. Once again it was a hiking trip together with my girlfriend. We went to Porezen (1632m), situated in the northern part of Primorska region, Slovenia.

It was our first serious hike this year and for her also the first serious outdoor workout since our skiing adventure in the Dolomites in February. Knowing that, I warned her in advance about a 1000 meters of height difference in a 2,5 hour climb. I knew that it could turn out to be a bit harder then it looks on the map. She insisted on going anyway.

You can see our destination on the first photo. There was still some snow on the top.

Do I need to explain what happened during the trip? Of course I was the one to blame for not pointing out what a 1000 meters of altitude actually means when you have to climb it. Is it just me or stuff like that happens also to someone else?

It was a steep climb all the way up, but in the end we did it - with lots of huffing, puffing and some cursing on the way of course. It took us a bit more then three hours to get to the top.

It was worth it in the end. Here are some photos to prove it.

On the way up we stumbled upon a piece of an old grenade (probably from WWI).

Like on top of most of Slovenian mountains there is a stamp on Porezen as well. Some hikers and climbers make sort of a quest from collecting as many of these as possible. I'm not quite there yet. ;)


Lonnie 19 April 2007 at 12:46  

Great photos...Nice new look....

Hey from China!


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