Thursday, 4 July 2013

One for the Boys: A Football Mad Manchester Itinerary

Anyone footie mad will know how important Manchester is to the beautiful game. Home to not one, but two, Premiership teams, including the infamous Red Devils, Manchester United, it’s no wonder that footie fans head for this northern Mecca on regular occasions.

Even if you miss the opportunity to catch a game at one of its stadiums – Old Trafford or Etihad – there are plenty of other football-related attractions to get your teeth stuck into. Whether you’re travelling to the city solely for football purposes or you’d like to incorporate something into your weekend break to keep your other half happy, click here to check Manchester Travelodge hotels to ensure your stay is affordable and comfortable.

If you have the entire weekend to dedicate to the game – particularly if it is stag-do related – take a look at this ideal itinerary that will make sure you don’t miss anything.


Arrive in the city in the morning (or even better, the night before) and head straight for the ‘Theatre of Dreams’ – Old Trafford. Enjoy a tour of the world-class stadium, including the pitch, stands and player’s tunnel before heading to the Old Trafford Museum where you will be able to appreciate the club’s remarkable history.

Next up is the new National Football Museum. Just a couple of minutes away from the central Victoria Station, it’s right in the heart of the city and is full to the brim with fun and interesting facts and exhibitions. Some of the prized installations include Maradona’s shirt from the ’86 World Cup and plenty of famous trophies to feast your eyes on.

After a footie-mad day, the evening frivolities are up to you. Whether you choose a quiet pub to enjoy some top nosh or you choose to head for the bright lights of Manchester city centre for some quality clubbing opportunities is completely up to you.


After nursing your hangover and filling your stomach with a slap-up English breakfast, it’s time to head for the stadium to catch a home game. Whether your team of choice is Man United or you have an affinity for Manchester City, the football season is packed with quality home games that you could be a part of. Old Trafford can seat up to 75,000 fans at any one time – be one of them by organising a trip with the lads to enjoy the game.

Depending on the kick-off time, you may have chance to head for the Trafford Centre for a bit of shopping before the match (or after, even). It’s not just the WAGs that enjoy retail therapy – lads can do it too and with a whole host of top brands and designer names, you can be sporting new threads in no time.

Spend the evening on the tiles before crashing at your chosen accommodation for the night. It’s undoubtedly time to head home the following day, so make the most of your evening.

Book your trip and enjoy a weekend away with the lads this summer. Whether you’re lucky enough to see a match or not, the love of the beautiful game in Manchester is crystal clear.


Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Overlooking the Roman Forum


Monday, 1 July 2013

Interview for the Globetrotter newspaper

There is a first time for everything. Today you can congratulate me for my first interview!

I have taken part in a few interviews before, but never was on this side of a microphone before. This was also the first time for Travel Photo Blogging to appear as the main topic of an interview.

The interview was done for an internet magazine called Globetrotter. It is a monthly newspaper published by the Slovenian branch of Hosteling International. It is being published in both Slovene and English.

I have been in touch with some of organisation's staff members before but this was my first opportunity to meet Anja (a volunteer working for Hostelling International Slovenia) in person. I must say we had a really relaxed discussion about our common love of travel. Since she has also done her share of travel, at some point I had an impression I should be interviewing her. The exchange of useful travel tips was definitely going both ways. It was really fun and I think we both enjoyed sipping a drink in a relaxed atmosphere of one of many cosy bars Ljubljana has to offer. The two photos were taken during a short stroll through the Ljubljana city centre.

The main topic of the interview was obviously travelling. Apart from that I also shared a few blogging tips for everyone thinking about starting their own blog.

Not only Anja but everyone at Hostelling International Slovenia I have been in contact with so far is really nice and they know just what a traveller needs. They really put a lot of effort in finding relevant information for their guests, invest in hospitality and always try to connect with the local environment. They are a part of a global organization you should always consider when looking for accommodation.

If you are wondering what the interview was all about you can check it out directly on the Hostelling International web page.

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