Friday, 29 March 2013

Val di Zoldo at dusk

This photo fits the two from my previous post perfectly. It was taken from the same spot as the previous two, I just pointed my camera to the east this time. As it is evident from the two post titles the valley has a few similar names: Val di Zoldo, Val Zoldana or simply Valzoldana.

We could enjoy colors like these almost every evening during our stay in the Dolomites just after the sunset. On one of the mornings colors were even more spectacular with surrounding mountains glowing in red. Unfortunately I didn't get to capture the moment on time. Waiting for it to happen again on next few mornings did not help a bit. I should have learned this lesson until now...


Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Val Zoldana by Day and by Night

So, which version of this beautiful Italian mountain valley view do you like better (click on them to admire them in larger resolution)? I just could not choose between the two and decided to post both of them...


Monday, 25 March 2013

Charming mountain huts on ski slopes

I can hardly imagine snowy white slopes without those charming mountain huts scattered around. I am not the kind to go "skiing" and then spend the whole day sunbathing in a deck chair - quite the opposite actually. I am whooshing around on skis all day usually taking up to three short stops per day to catch my breath and get a snack and something to drink. Nonetheless I would miss those few breaks if did not take them - even more so on cold, windy days.

A mountain hut is simply called rifugio in Italian, but these are often a mix between a ristorante and a rifugio. This does usually not effect their genuine look. Mostly they are made of wood - roof tiles and gutters included, and fit into the surroundings perfectly. In some cases you can actually ski directly up to a bar and order something to warm you up.
In some you can find many local delicacies usually home-made by the staff.

The always cozy atmosphere inside those mountain huts and breathtaking views of the Dolomites can make you quickly forget the cold and simply enjoy every moment of the experience.

On these photos there are of just some of many rifugios scattered around the Civetta ski resort. I did not make it to visit all of them in my all too short week there. Have to save some for another time I guess.

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