Thursday 14 March 2013

Big Blog Exchange competition

As you are probably aware there are countless contests going on on the internet each and every day. It you are a regular visitor you might have also noticed that I do not participate all that often (or at least I do not bother you - my faithful readers with it). This time I am going to make an exception.

I recently found out about an amazing contest going on and I filled my application form in straight away! It seems this is a perfect opportunity for me to travel again and also for you to follow me (through my blog) on this great travel adventure. This is where you come in and make it all possible for me.

So prettyprettypretty please, just click on the "VOTE FOR ME" banner above and it will take you to the BBE page where you will have to insert your e-mail and press 'vote'. You will receive an email with confirmation link you have to click, so your vote could be confirmed. You can use multiple e-mail addresses to cast multiple votes!
You have an exclusive chance to make me very happy with just a few clicks. I promise to blog extensively about the travel adventure if I make it to the top 16 finalists.


Wednesday 13 March 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Magnificent Monte Pelmo


Thursday 7 March 2013

Village of Vojsko in winter

I have posted various cross-country skiing photos from the highest lying village of Slovenian Primorska region (i.e. Slovenian Littoral) before - you can check out my previous post if you are interested.

Vojsko is a small village near the town of Idrija and since it lies more than 1.000 meters above sea level it usually gets loads of snow. This winter is no exception.

On my way to the cross-country skiing center I always pass by the church in the little village. The other day I made a short stop and took a few photos. Although some snow has already melted, there was still about a meter and a half of it left. In my book that is still a hardcore winter. Since in the past decades they often had to deal with more than twice the amount of this year's snow, some locals might disagree with me.

I will let you check out these photos and judge for yourself.

Regardless of all problems snowy winter brings along, I always love to visit Vojsko plateau. Nature is so beautiful around these parts and there is a great variety of wildlife preserved for a visitor to admire. Among other things this also makes it an excellent destination for photo hunting... but that is a different story for another post.

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