Friday, 25 March 2011

What to eat and drink in Berlin?

Almost everywhere I go I first try some traditional local cuisine. I like good food, but usually I'm on a tight budget so I have to make some compromises.

In most cases locals know where to point you to if you explain what you are looking for. Good food guides are usually also a safe bet.

In Berlin we took that approach only one time - when we were looking for some decent local restaurant with traditional food.
From the praise of everyone we asked, we expected something really special. Well it wasn't. Don't get me wrong... it was OK, but still far from delicious. Traditional dishes mostly consist of pork and sausages in countless variations and are usually offered with cabbage and potato.

Every other place we eat at was chosen by lucky chance and all were excellent.
We tried Vietnamese, Italian and Turkish cuisine. If you like to try something new, you can find almost everything in Berlin.
Of the places I have visited so far, only London had such variety.

If you want to eat for a few Euros, there is a fast food restaurants almost on every corner. Most of them are Turkish kebab places. In some quarters of Berlin they are situated literary one next to another down the whole length of the street. Along with that nicely goes a glass of beer.
I was surprised how cheap actually beer was. A half litre bottle was usually between €2 and €4, but during happy hour in our hostel we drank it for only a Euro and those were not some no name beers, but brands like Augustiner beer and Erdinger Beer

The thing Germans know well is definitely beer. They know how to brew it and they also know how to drink it - a lot of it. Every year they drink 110 litres (that's 29 US gallons!) of beer per capita.

Berlin also offers a lot to those who like to enjoy themselves no matter the price. Everyone can get a taste of luxury and treats himself with a cup of coffee overlooking the largest German city. You can do that on the top of the Berlin TV Tower (Fernsehturm). The elevator ride to the revolving restaurant near the top of the 365 meter high 'toothpick' will cost you 5 Euro which is probably still better then the 986 stair alternative.
Tempting three-course meals at the highest restaurant in the city start at 27 Euros or splash out on a Büfett from 42 Euros per person.

You want it Berlin has got it! An authentic kebab for a couple of Euros next to the subway entrance or a posh dinner in the sky for a little bit more... the choice is yours.


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Berlin in Snow


Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Celebrity polar bear Knut has died

I didn't know about this, until one of my readers pointed it out in her response to my article about many attractions Berlin has to offer.

Knut became popular soon after his mother rejected him. He was adopted by his main caregiver, Thomas Doerflein. Ever since many visitors kept returning to the ZOO just to see this cutie of a bear.
The celebrity of Berlin ZOO died on Saturday afternoon (19th of March) in front of hundreds of visitors. Witnesses reported that after the bear's left leg began shaking, he walked around in circles before falling into the water.

Even with one of Berlin's attractions gone, the capital of Germany has a lot to offer.

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