Friday 22 August 2008

Camping on the island of Lošinj

One of the benefits of living in Slovenia is that one really has lots of beautiful destinations in the driving range of only a few hours. From Ljubljana you can reach Venice, Hungarian plains, a random Alpine valley or a nearby Adriatic island in under 3 hours. However that is something I hardly ever take advantage of.

This time it was different. We (that's M. and me) decided to visit the Croatian island of Lošinj. We did something similar in the last September so we knew what to expect. I mentioned that trip in this post.

Last week we decided to do a short four day trip. It was well worth the effort. We chose to camp in Camping Čikat, which is probably the most expensive camping on the island but in our opinion you definitely get what you pay for.
Since August is the busiest time of year, we were expecting to find some not so clean toilet and shower facilities. To our surprise almost around the clock there was somebody taking care of cleanliness and everything was as clean as it could be in the given conditions.

I really enjoyed snorkeling in crystal clear water full of fish and watching cormorants do their daily fishing. Apart from that, the island of Lošinj is also famous for its pleasant climate. The scents of pine trees and Adriatic sea are always present in the air. It's an aroma therapy hard to beat!

This time I am posting some photos that don't really capture what we were up to in these four days. I hope you like them anyway.


Tuesday 5 August 2008

Next destination - Morocco

It has finally been decided. The destination of our this year's main vacation will be Morocco. An interesting and incredibly diverse country in North-western Africa.
I reserved airplane tickets just a couple of days ago. M. and I are going there for three weeks this October. This time it is going to be just ourselves and our backpacks - a new experience for us in this part of the world.

I can hardly wait! M. on the other hand isn't completely sure whether to be excited or maybe a bit worried about our plans. The feedback we have been getting from various people who had been to Morocco recently, is not completely positive. She would be happier if we chose an option more similar to our Egyptian Adventure last year. Nevertheless I am still pretty sure we made the right decision to go there and just try to enjoy the diversity of Morocco by ourselves.

We visited the Land of Pharaohs with Oskar Travel Agency. They obviously liked what I posted about the trip, because they have a link to my blog on their main page (unfortunately, their web page is only available in Slovenian).

No matter how nice it was to travel with them, this time we have decided to try such a trip on our own. You can look forward to a bunch of beautiful photos once again.

Borrowed from
So far I have been mostly browsing through the Lonely Planet Thorn Tree Travel Forum.
If you know any other useful web sources that could help a backpacker going to Morocco, feel free to share them with me.


Wednesday 30 July 2008

Hiking in the Slovenian region of Primorska

A couple of weekends ago I accompanied M. on a hiking trip to Vremščica. It was a day trip with a choir she sings in. I occasionally tag along for company and not because of my (non existent) singing abilities. It has been a while since I went on such a trip with them. You can read about the last time before this, when I joined them on a trip to the land of Teran and pršut.

Hiking was not the main theme of this trip. Vremscica rises 1027 meters above sea level and is situated in the Slovenian region of Primorska. Even thou it is not very high, it offers a great view of the surrounding area all the way to the Adriatic sea. It is an easy hike to the top. For the lazy ones there is also a road leading almost to the top. One just has to walk the final 20 minutes to the top.

We made quite a few stops on our way to the top. It was because of those extra delicious strawberries growing by the path.

When we reached the top, a singing session followed. A group of random hikers was quite excited about it and rewarded our eager singers with a loud applause.

Before the descent, we also visited a church just under the top of Vremscica. It is still under construction. We were told that a local priest and stone mason (both in one person) has a great part in building the little church. I guess if you know all this, you can not be surprised when you see it is mostly put together from local stone. In fact I couldn't see any other material that would have been used so far.

It is gonna be a cute little church when it is finished.

After another round of singing it was time to descend to a farm run by the Veterinary Faculty. We ate something at a simple inn which was also a part of the farm. They offer only a few dishes (mostly traditional food), but everything was very tasty.

Before we went home we also took advantage of the offer of fresh cottage cheese and some other cheese products. It wasn't very cheap, but really fresh and very good. If I go by there again, I'll definitely stop by and buy a piece of cheese.

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