Monday, 1 September 2008

The sun and moon on Losinj

Sunset photos can be very romantic, but since we have all seen so many of them, they can easily fall into the boring department.

I hope this almost-sunset photo is not among the boring bunch. I was hoping a sail boat and a pine tree branch would take care of that, but I am not sure whether I succeeded.

If I am not sure about the first one, I definitely like the second photo. It was taken on a ferry trip from mainland to the island of Lošinj. The full moon is reflected on the sea surface. It looks like the photo has been corrected using Photoshop or some similar software but that is not the case. The photo is published just the way it was taken. I guess the strange reflection is a result of the moving ferry and slightly longer exposure.


Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Veli Lošinj in sepia

One of the trips we went on, while on the the island of Lošinj, was to the town of Veli Lošinj. It is quite a picturesque little town that just calls for photos. Its center with a little marine is actually quite colorful, but that was not my focus this time.

There were some clouds gathering that afternoon and that's what made these photos interesting. I thought the best way to emphasize those clouds would be with the use of sepia technique. So I took the first photo in sepia.

The second one was taken in colour and converted to sepia afterwards on my computer. The difference between them is easy to spot. I like more the motive and composition of the second photo, but in my opinion the colours are far better on the second.
Maybe it is time to upgrade some of my old software...


Friday, 22 August 2008

Camping on the island of Lošinj

One of the benefits of living in Slovenia is that one really has lots of beautiful destinations in the driving range of only a few hours. From Ljubljana you can reach Venice, Hungarian plains, a random Alpine valley or a nearby Adriatic island in under 3 hours. However that is something I hardly ever take advantage of.

This time it was different. We (that's M. and me) decided to visit the Croatian island of Lošinj. We did something similar in the last September so we knew what to expect. I mentioned that trip in this post.

Last week we decided to do a short four day trip. It was well worth the effort. We chose to camp in Camping Čikat, which is probably the most expensive camping on the island but in our opinion you definitely get what you pay for.
Since August is the busiest time of year, we were expecting to find some not so clean toilet and shower facilities. To our surprise almost around the clock there was somebody taking care of cleanliness and everything was as clean as it could be in the given conditions.

I really enjoyed snorkeling in crystal clear water full of fish and watching cormorants do their daily fishing. Apart from that, the island of Lošinj is also famous for its pleasant climate. The scents of pine trees and Adriatic sea are always present in the air. It's an aroma therapy hard to beat!

This time I am posting some photos that don't really capture what we were up to in these four days. I hope you like them anyway.

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